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START-UP YOUR AI bringt Anwendungsfälle und ihre Projektpartner gemeinsam auf die Bühne. Start-Up und Industriepartner berichten über die Erfolgsfaktoren der technischen Realisierung sowie der Gestaltung und der Zusammenarbeit. Am 27. November sammeln die Teilnehmer wichtige Erfahrungen, um die Potenziale von KI für sich zu nutzen.


22/10/2019 - 10:04

Cummins Unveils PLANET 2050 Environmental Sustainability Strategy

Cummins Inc. announced its next environmental sustainability strategy, which includes science-based goals that meet or exceed the goals in the United Nations Paris agreement on climate change. By 2050, Cummins is targeting net-zero carbon emissions.


17/11/2019 - 18:35

Workhorse Adds EnerDel as a Battery Supplier for New C-Series Electric Delivery Vehicle

EnerDel has been selected by Workhorse Group Inc. to be an additional key battery supplier for its next generation C-Series delivery vehicle. In conjunction with this announcement, Workhorse has placed an initial order for 5,200 EnerDel Vigor+ battery packs, which will be used in the production of its growing backlog of C-Series customer orders.


17/11/2019 - 14:32

Xpeng Motors raises US$400 million in Series C capital funding

Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Xpeng Motors, announced on Wednesday it has raised $400 million from investors including Xiaomi Corp as it looks to boost the production of its new models.


17/11/2019 - 10:31

Lyft adds 200 long-range EVs to its Denver fleet

Lyft is adding 200 long-range electric vehicles to Denver as part of its Express Drive program. This is Lyft’s largest single deployment of EVs to date—the largest single deployment in Colorado’s history, and one of the largest in the nation.


17/11/2019 - 03:28

What would it take to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5 °C?

The energy sector is at the front line of the climate debate because it is by far the largest source of the emissions that cause global warming


16/11/2019 - 16:24

Driivz and Ennet to bring smart EV charging services to Japan

Driivz has been selected by the Ennet Corporation (Ennet), a leading specified-scale electricity utility in Japan under the NTT Group, to bring smart EV charging services to the country. The project will enable Ennet to pursue new business opportunities in the area of smart energy.


16/11/2019 - 11:24

IEA Deputy Executive Director participates in XLIX OLADE Ministerial Meeting

Meeting highlighted the significance of sound energy statistics for tracking clean energy transitions and approved a harmonized data collection framework in cooperation with the IEA


15/11/2019 - 21:20