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Ecuador will have the first pure electric bus fleet by March 2019

Private bus operator Saucinc, and BYD, have closed a sales deal of 20 electric buses for Guayaquil... Kaynak:

19 saat 22 sn

Hyundai partners WITH UAV startup ‘top flight’ to take future mobility to new heights

Hyundai Motor Company announced a strategic partnership with Top Flight Technologies, Inc.... Kaynak:

23 saat 1 dak

Volkswagen to spend €44 billion on e-mobility, autonomous driving through 2023

The Volkswagen Group is investing heavily in its future.

1 gün 11 saat

Crunching the numbers: are we heading for an oil supply shock?

The new World Energy Outlook contained some warning messages on the possibility of a mismatch between robust demand in the near term and a potential shortfall of new supply projects

1 gün 15 saat