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Google Looking for Partners To Bring Self-Driving Cars To Market

Google is actively seeking established manufacturing partners to help bring its self-driving car to market.
Earlier this month, Google announced that it was hiring former Hyundai CEO John Krafcik to head the company’s self-driving car project and now it’s working on a business plan to bring its autonomous technology to the masses. Company co-founder Sergey Brin confirmed that Google intends to partner with an existing automaker to bring the self-driving cars to market, although initially they may be focused on ride-sharing services more than ownership.
“We’re really focused on working with partners,” Brin said. “I expect to bring it to scale, more so partnering, including with top-tier OEMs.”
And if you’re hoping that Google’s self-driving cars will launch without a steering wheel and pedals, think again. It is more likely that the cars will launch initially with the ability for humans to take over when necessary. In fact, Brin believes that we won’t see fully autonomous cars the roadways any time soon.
In total, Google has about 1.2 million miles of testing with its self-driving car fleet on public roads near its Mountain View, Calif., headquarters and more recently in Austin, Tex.
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