İstanbul Kalkınma Ajansı

Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Kalkınma Bakanlığı


Project Purpose and Goals


Objective and Target of the Project


  • Developing  global  competitive products and service
  • Being on the market of smart vehicles with the innovative and different products
  • Organizing multidisciplinary, multiplayer, innovative and advance technology research projects
  • Improving innovative technologies.
  • Increasing sales and export.

Main research areas

  •       Sensor analyzing and improving.
  •       Smart and connected systems and autonomous System equipment
  •        Sensor fusion technologies and algorithms.
  •        Environmental operation identification, situation consideration, image processing
  •        Decision making methodology
  •        Active driver interface systems
  •       Integration of navigation and transportation systems

Primary Studies

  • Value chain analyses for smart and communicated vehicles
  • Current  and future forecast in the value change
  • Improving globally assertive new technology projects
  • Improving strategy related areas
  • Setting an innovative  business model
  • Evaluating potential cluster members


1. Smart Transportation Systems

2. SIL, MIL and HIL Systems

3. Electrıc Power Test Systems

4. Inter Vehicle and Inter Fixed Systems Communicated Test Systems

5. 3D Camera Systems

6. Signal Generator and Analyzer Systems

7.360 Lidar Scanner

8. Radar and GPS Systems

9. Modem and Road Units