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(The title of an invention must be written describing the technical aspects of the invention. The invention title should contain terms in brand quality.)
(A product that should be introduced and meet the technical field to which the invention and / or describes the basic operating principles of the method.)
(And the products to which the Invention and / or the method to be described technical problems are solved by the Invention.)
(Similar applications that solve the technical problems which are solved by the invention must be disclosed. It should be listed patent documents known to be described practices and the company's own practices of competitors.)
(Of similar patent applications containing the invention, advantages and applications of the company's competitors and meet the different aspects of the application must be explained.)
(Invention be shown on a product or apparatus the parts listed and part numbering manner. In addition, parts should be explained functions during the relationship and work with each other. The invention should be listed a method the steps and steps should be shown in the numbering flow chart. It also functions during the steps of the work and product / service / process technical effects on be explained. additional factors contributing to the present invention (material, such production method) if it should be explained. If alternative embodiment of the invention shall be described in comparison with the main application.)
(Exploded makes it appear all the parts related to the invention / perspective / sectional view, containing should be given shapes. Flowchart related to a method or scheme should be given. Part and will be indicated on the form of step numbers. Figures wire-frame should be prepared electronically. Figures In addition to bbf'y sent by e-mail.)
(Written or verbal explanations planning made or made on the invention (fairs, sales, offers, promotions, articles, lectures, books, theses, competitions, advertisements in all kinds of media tool, etc.) Should be written with place and date.
(Which at the time of the invention, information on how and where to be entered performed. The name of the invention project has been realized in the framework of a project and start / end dates should be written.)